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25 march 2017, 21:52

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Looking for adorable collection of fun porcelain figurines or Vice versa decided to sell the available instances is Always ready to help online auction Collect.com Or just want to know how much are porcelain figurines All problems are solved we have to maximize benefits safely and without even leaving the house In the catalog, there are many valuable for example Soviet figurine or crystal sculpture, etc. Porcelain figurines today are popular collectibles of many people who know about art. Since the production of porcelain in Europe has been about four centuries, and now you can find a variety of gizmos and in museums and in private collections. The most affordable are products which were produced in the Soviet Union and the most rare belongs perhaps Chinese porcelain.

Prices can be found such as looking in the online store porcelain figurines. At the time, these products have been in the art world a real breakthrough. However, the exact date of the invention, artificially prepared mineral mass of high-grade clay with different additives are still unknown. It is believed that the first prototype of this material was created in the 2nd century BC. Classic porcelain figurine dated the 1th century ad and did her Chinese masters.

For many years, the technique of manufacture was one of the most precious mysteries of the middle Kingdom and the disclosure provided for the death penalty. And sell the porcelain figurine few dared. Only in the 18th century European master Johann Böttger managed to unravel the secret technology. Then began the history of European porcelain. The first manufactory was opened in the town of Meissen.

And today the Meissen Antiques buy which offers every shop along with modern jewelry is the ultimate dream of many collectors. Collecting porcelain figurines which cost the different was initially the domain of the wealthy and often very rich people. Until they began to produce in Europe such meetings because of the cost, could afford only persons of Royal blood. Even the discovery of the legendary Meissen factory did not make these collectibles available to a wider. Still into the homes of commoners and especially peasants and workers didn't even look these products today are related to the category of antique porcelain figurines.

The next round of stories has dramatically changed this situation when a country kitchenware of porcelain figures and beautiful saturated domestic plants Of course you can argue about their quality. In addition, they do not stand comparison with the works of eminent.

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